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Compressed cylinders for sale. About 19% are cylinders, 5% are cylinders and 1% are other chemicals. Compressed cylinders are suppliers for sale, mainly in Asia. The largest suppliers are China, Singapore and Hong Kong, which supply 97%, 1% and 1% of compressor cylinders respectively.
Compressed cylinders are most popular in South America, the Middle East and Western Europe.

price:$20 -$300

minimum order 1000

New compressed gas cylinder for sale

At the escoo Welding Supplies Company, we know one or two things about gas and oxygen cylinders. Through welding, special, medical and low temperature gas, we can meet your work needs. Select your buy information from the cylinder selected by ESCOO.

ESCOO is one of the top manufacturers and distributors of natural gas and oxygen cylinders today. When purchasing welding products, you can find high quality cylinders and affordable prices.For your oxygen cylinder, you need to check 80 CF welded cylinder for oxygen from IOC welding supplies.

Compressed gas cylinder sizes

This is a new 80 CF high pressure cylinder with a cap. It has a CGA-540 valve for oxygen and has an effective 10-year hydraulic test. It can be a variety of colors, but the color is usually green, as shown in the figure. The cylinder is empty, but it can filled at almost any local gas supplier. Most gas suppliers will replace the air cylinder with a complete cylinder to save you travel.
If you are looking for more versatile cylinders, one of the best-selling welded cylinders is 80 CF welded cylinders for argon, nitrogen, helium and mixed gases. This is a new 80 CF high pressure cylinder with a cap. It has a CGA-580 valve for argon, helium, nitrogen or argon/carbon dioxide mixtures and has an effective 10-year hydraulic test.


              acetylene gas                                        oxygen gas cylinder

                price:$60 -$600                                     price:$30 -$600

           argon gas cylinder                                 co2 cylinder price


        price:$30 -$600                                    price:$30 -$600

       nitrogen gas cylinder                              helium gas cylinder


        price: $20 – $550                                     price: $10 – $200

2kg lpg gas cylinder price                        cooking gas cylinder


                 price: $8 – $90                                          price: $50 – $600 

           lpg gas cylinder                                        50kg lpg cylinder     


             price: $50 – $600                                  price:$28 – $ 85

Design features

  • New high-pressure air cylinder with ten-year test seal
  • Applicable to pure and inert gases and gas mixtures (argon, helium and nitrogen), air, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen
  • Air argon, helium, oxygen, nitrogen (or other compatible gases) cylinders with valves and caps

Material Science

  • Cylinder: steel
  • Valve: Brass

Why can’t you buy second-hand cylinders from the private sector?

We are all looking for ways to save money. You should think twice about buying used cylinders from individuals or through websites such as ebay. What looks like bargaining will cost you more than its value. If you don’t know what to look for, you may end up buying a bottle that can’t be refilled.

You may find that cylinders are not the property of sellers! There are also safety problems with cylinders, where gases are stored under pressure.Like other gas suppliers, central welding suppliers are not allowed to hold, use or fill cylinders owned by another gas company. We can only fill in our own rental bottle or the customer’s own bottle.

How can you tell?

The leased cylinders are not owned by the end customer. So, they don’t sell cylinders! Look at the collar or shoulder of the cylinder. The company name will be printed or engraved on the shaft ring or shoulder of the tank. This is a permanent function, unlike filling labels or stickers. If you see evidence that someone is trying to wear it out, you think it’s unusable – no supplier will refill the tank!

Customer-owned cylinders will be engraved on the tank with or without a designated supplier. Unmarked cylinders (known as “private” or “customer-owned” cylinders) are owned by customers and can be filled in or exchanged between companies.

Direct sales are always likely to end up with security problems. You should always look for signs of abuse, such as welding or arc burns, or other damage to the tank.

Also, each cylinder is marked with its final test date (which can be found on its sticker or filler label). All compressed cylinders need regular testing. If the label shows a tank whose test date has expired, the gas may still be used, but no one will refill the expired tank until it is tested again. You may be in trouble.

Compressed gas cylinder manufacturers

Different gases are supplied in cylinders (or bottles), and large quantities of them are still the property of gas suppliers. The cylinder itself is a pressure vessel, and the owner, usually a gas supplier, handles periodic inspection of the cylinder. Usually cylinders are made to a high specification and can be refilled many times. The supplier is a supplier of refilled cylinders, such as our production facility at ESBB. compressed gas cylinder manufacturers biggest

You buy the gas inside and pay the rent on the cylinder. Thus, do not discard any cylinders unless you are sure that it is your property. Keep natural gas inventory at a least level to reduce rental costs.Since 1948, ESCOO has become the main source of compressed gas utilization in various industries. We provide a range of services for businesses and individuals to manage the delivery of compressed gases. the maintenance of fire extinguishing systems and the sale of dry ice. As we provide services to customers around the world, ESCOO provides alternative and cost-effective methods for your industry.

ES has the ability to provide a full range of compressed gases and equipment. and has approved by the Ministry of Transport to provide services for cylinders. With more than 60 years of industry experience. our team focuses on developing the most innovative and outstanding compression cylinders and providing services to all parts of the United States.We are proud of our excellent customer service at every stage of our work. Contact us and we are happy to explain our unique technology and products.

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