About Us

ESCOO is a team who is committed to providing solutions and environmentally friendly products and services for the protection of the global ecological environment and sustainable development.

Solar energy is a kind of free renewable energy, in the case of the decline of fossil fuels, solar energy has become an important part of human use of energy, and continue to develop. Solar water heaters and solar water heating systems are the most typical applications. ESCOO provides global customers with solar hot water solutions and high quality products for different regions. For detailed solar water heater product information, please visit our specific website


In 2020, many countries issued and started to implement the “plastic limit”. ESCOO offers alternative biodegradable packaging products for all global customers.

Today, globalization and international economic integration have become part of our daily lives. China is a huge market, a world production base, a powerful engine driving world economic growth, and a focus of the world’s businesses.

ESCOO is committed to providing professional services to enterprises who are interested in implementing a global sourcing strategy in China, in order to meet the needs of cost reduction, on-time delivery and continuous improvement of quality.

Yes, ESCOO fully understands your thoughtfulness and concern. We are here, with enthusiasm and confidence, for you to achieve the goal, to achieve the mission!

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