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About  us

ESCOO It is a new industrial company specializing in electrical and electrical equipment installation engineering, industrial automation engineering, system integration, maintenance, and sales of electronic and electrical equipment.

The company has an advanced technical level, and dozens of senior engineers, particularly electricians, and welders. The company has obtained a four-level installation (repair, test) power facility license, construction enterprise qualification certificate, safety production license, high-tech enterprise, multiple credit rating certificates, other low-voltage power distribution products, and passed the CQC product certification of China Quality Certification Center. The company’s main products are high-voltage switchgear: mining cabinets, switching stations, etc.;

low-voltage switchgear: intelligent power distribution unit, high-frequency DC power supply cabinet; series arc suppression and harmonic elimination cabinet; vacuum circuit breaker, etc.; substation. The products are sold to all regions of the country and are widely used in power grids, petrochemicals, steel, mining, power generation, biological engineering, large-scale construction projects, and other fields.

Product transportation and storage

★ The product is not allowed to tip over or suffer severe vibration.
★ When lifting the product after unpacking, the angle between the two steel wire ropes should be ≤120°. For example, using a forklift, roller or crowbar is not allowed to be carried out directly on the chassis of the product.
★ If the product needs to move a small distance when installed in place, you can pry it on the four corners of the chassis.
★ Do not disassemble electrical components and parts at will inside the product.
★ It should be protected from rain and moisture. The ambient temperature depends on the usage conditions.

Ordering Information

★ The user should provide the following information when ordering.
★ Main circuit scheme and combination arrangement
★ Auxiliary circuit control and wiring principle
★ Layout of the switchgear in the distribution room
★ Incoming and outgoing wires and interface requirements
★ Detailed models and specifications of the components installed in the cabinet.
★ Switchgear surface treatment and colour
★ Other special requirements (if any)

Our distribution cabinets operate safely