China sourcing agent

Need to reduce the Sourcing costs of the business?

Need to save your time spent on looking for suppliers? 

Need to collect products from different suppliers in one container?

Need reliable supplier who can understand you well and give feedback to you more efficiently?

Need massive order can have same quality as the sample?

Need loading supervisor to make sure quality and quantity?

we are good at helping you connect with the best suppliers in China and provide best service for you to reduce your worries.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO is JUST let us know WHAT YOU NEED                 

About ESCOO Sourcing Agent China

We are a young team full of passion to offering service for overseas customers. The average age of our members is around 30 years old with more than 5 years sourcing experience. Our common direction is to face possible challenges directly, we do not shrink from the responsibilities, we welcome it. We aim at offering high efficient sourcing service for our customers and help them reduce their sourcing costs and gain more profit. Regarding the sourcing agent services from China, our procurement staff will find the most outstanding suppliers from our reliable supply chain channels. We will provide the best deals within 1-3 working days with competitive price. You can also get personalized and tailored services such as OEM, ODM, packaging design, logo customization and more. We will assist you in purchasing the right products.

Stainless steel flanges

Seamless steel gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium, argon, nitrogen) cylinders

Welded steel (acetylene, lpg, propane) gas cylinders

We Are the Best China Sourcing Agent

sourcing agent personalized service


Become a strategic partner of ESCOO and we will provide you with a better experience than ever before.We will eliminate your troubles and save you valuable time.

Quality control and transportation


It will ensure that your products are of the highest quality. If you prefer, our staff can check at the factory and transport them by air or train to the rest of the world. We will integrate various logistics chains to provide you with the best logistics solutions.

ESCOO Service include but not limited to

  • source high quality products with competitive prices in China(include verify suitable and qualified factories for customers)
  • provide services for factory audit and inspections to control the quality
  • be a good coordinator between customers and factories,help trace the following production progress
  • necessary on-site inspection, to check if the products conform to customer’s requirements or drawings and necessary on-site loading supervision.
  • arrange inland/sea transportation with competitive freight
  • provide special sample order care,no limit of MOQ
  • LCL service & FCL service
  • as your purchasing representative to attend exhibitions to collect information of suppliers and report details to you
  • ensure customers have enough time to focus on developing their markets and to gain more profits.

The Process

Clarify client requirements

Formulate project specifications

Source suppliers

Factory audits and price comparison then sample checking

Production Monitoring

Follow up production progress and solve unexpected problems


Make sure strict quality control (as per sample quality)

Logistics Service

Arrange transportation solutions and provide customs documents

Follow up the receipt

Support to solve problems relevant to the order

ESCOO Sourcing Cases

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