Co2 gas cylinder

Co2 gas cylinder

Co2 gas cylinder size carbon dioxide cylinder supplier, mainly located in Asia.
The largest suppliers are China (mainland), Pakistan and the Philippines, which supply 99%, 1% and 1% of the volume of co2 cylinders respectively. co2 gas cylinder pressure products are most popular in the Middle East, South America and Africa.

pirce: $200 -$500

Co2 tank/co2 cylinder

Our line of carbon dioxide tanks and cylinders is perfect for your own brewing facilities.We offer carbon dioxide tanks in different sizes, from “ultra-portable” 20oz paintball cylinders and 1.5-pound aluminum cans to “big dog” 20-pound cans.Aluminum CO2 cylinders.Whether your needs are small or large, we may have co2 tanks to meet your needs.

Most co2 tanks are made of aluminum, but we also have co2 cylinders, which are 20 ounces and 4 pounds.As with all gas tanks, you need to make sure they are securely installed, so be sure to check out different options for wall brackets below.Using a wall bracket to hold the co2 tank in place is a good way to help prevent potentially dangerous accidents.

buy co2 gas cylinder

co2 gas cylinder for sale

buy co2 gas cylinder,We offer reliable cylinders at affordable prices.

          acetylene gas                                        oxygen gas cylinder

                price:$60 -$600                                     price:$30 -$600

           argon gas cylinder                                 co2 cylinder price


        price:$30 -$600                                    price:$30 -$600

       nitrogen gas cylinder                              helium gas cylinder


        price: $20 – $550                                     price: $10 – $200

2kg lpg gas cylinder price                        cooking gas cylinder


                 price: $8 – $90                                          price: $50 – $600 

           lpg gas cylinder                                        50kg lpg cylinder     


             price: $50 – $600                                  price:$28 – $ 85

Industrial application


Our beverage grade CO 2 and reliable supply chain help customers maintain peak freshness in their products while avoiding contamination.We know that purity is important when it comes to bottling or capping or wine production.

Food manufacturing

liquid CO 2 is used in conjunction with our refrigeration and refrigeration systems to maintain product quality by preventing customer corruption or aging.We also provide a quick and easy way to clean equipment without leaving anything behind.(see ColdJet® dry ice injection).

Process water pH control

A cleaner, safer alternative to sulfuric acid, CO 2 is commonly used in the concrete and pulp and paper industries to efficiently treat process water.It is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and helps water meet EPA limits on pH and total suspended solids (TSS).

Manufacturing and metal manufacturing

When mixed with argon, CO 2 is used as a protective gas to prevent contamination of the molten and welded metal.

Life science

In laboratory Settings, CO 2 is commonly used to euthanize animals.

The upstream

Crucially for enhanced oil harvesting, CO 2 dissolves in oil to reduce its viscosity and increase its flow rate.

What is carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide (CO 2) is a non-flammable, colorless, odorless gas.In the air at a concentration of about 0.03 percent, carbon dioxide can exist as a solid, liquid and gas.

Supply mode

High pressure and liquid cylindersWe have 10 million cylinders and about 300 high-pressure cylinder filling equipment.Airgas continuously meets the supply demand of welding, shielding and cutting gas through compressed CO 2 gas and CO 2 hydraulic cylinder.

What is the difference between steel and aluminum CO2 cylinders?

Whether you need a self-brewing, soda water delivery or cylinder filling, ESCOO can provide you with perfect carbon dioxide cylinders. We offer a variety of beautiful new and re-certified models. We have so many kinds of tanks in stock, because we know that one size is not suitable for all. So if you’re not familiar with homemade or smaller rigs, you can find 2.5 or 5 pounds of carbon dioxide tanks. Or, if you need to do much more for cylinder filling or special effects, we can get 35 and 50 pounds of tanks. Need something in the middle? We also have many medium-sized options.

Corrosion and Corrosion

As shown in the figure below, when you look at the cross sections of used steel CO2 cylinders and comparable Luxfer aluminium CO2 cylinders. you can see the differences in internal service conditions.Cylinders show significant evidence of rust and corrosion, while Luxfer aluminium cylinders show no results. In fact, even after years of use, aluminum cylinders rarely show signs of corrosion.

Why? Because of its hard surface oxide coating, aluminium provides an stable storage environment. The outside of the cylinder endures wear and tear, but the oxide coating renews when it damaged.This process is very different from steel, which forms rust (due to the mixing of trace water and carbon dioxide to produce carbonation) and peels off, exposing new metals to corrosion.

Content quality

Some industry studies have shown that clean. corrosion-resistant interiors help to maintain the quality of cylinder contents. Bottom line, rust may contaminate carbon dioxide.Weight and cost savingsThe weight of aluminium cylinder is 30% lighter than that of steel cylinder of the same size, which is easy to move and transport.This weight difference can save fuel, transportation and transportation costs. thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of aluminium cylinders.Also, corrosion can lead to cylinder failure, which requires replacement and increases the total cost.When considering carbon dioxide beverage bottles, not all cylinders are the same. Compared with steel, aluminium CO2 cylinders are more rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant. lighter and more cheap, especially when considering the total cost of ownership of cylinders.

Want to upgrade your equipment while keeping your budget? You don’t need to replace it! The beverage elements are proud of our re-certified and still awesome steel carbon dioxide cans, carefully tested, painted and provided with new valves to ensure that they can do their job as before. You will get the maximum capacity at the best price. Find all available carbon dioxide tank sizes as follows:

  1. 2.5 lb
  2. 5 lb
  3. 7 lb
  4. 10 lb
  5. 15 lb
  6. 20 lb
  7. 35 lb
  8. 50 lb

Is co2 a compressed gas?

Compressed carbon dioxide gas and liquid carbon dioxide. We provide a variety of purity and concentration of compressed carbon dioxide gas and liquid carbon dioxide. Many industries can benefit from the inertia of carbon dioxide, as well as cooling and refrigeration capabilities.

Are there different grades of co2 gas?

The classification of 99.90% of the CO2 purity beverage grade gas is now regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. FDA regulations allow other. 09% of gases to be composed of other hydrocarbons. 99.5% pure carbon dioxide is used in welding and other industrial applications.

where to buy co2 gas cylinder?

You certainly don’t need medical grade carbon dioxide. I’ve been buying carbon dioxide from ESCOO for six years, and I see them as 100 pounds of fuel tanks coming directly from suppliers of carbon dioxide gas.

co2 gas cylinder sizes

CARBON DIOXIDE 22.7KG 50 LB Type Cylinder – ES 50.Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a tasteless, colorless, odorless, nonflammable gas.

What co2 gas cylinder pressure?

The pressure in the cylinder is about 57 bar at 20 degree C. When CO 2 passes through the regulator set at the outlet at a pressure of less than 5.2 bar from the exhaust cylinder, CO 2 in gase-OU produces: 1 kg of liquid expands to about 550 litres of gas at atmospheric pressure.

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