hydrogen gas cylinder price

hydrogen gas cylinder

Bottle colours can be customized and are very popular in India, the United States, Wales, Australia and Canada. IN: 28.69%, USA: 22.89%, GB: 5.49%, AU: 3.56%, CA: 3.36%, others: 36.01%. We also provide co2 gas cylinder price, liquefied petroleum gas, welding oxygen gas cylinder price, natural gas cylinders and other products.

price:$20 – $500   500 (Min. Order)

What is Hydrogen (H2)?

Hydrogen (H2) is the lightest of all gases. Colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic, hydrogen exists as a fuel at atmospheric temperatures and pressures. In steel fabrication, hydrogen serves as a protective surroundings in high-temperature operations consisting of chrome steel manufacturing;

normally blended with argon for expanded travel velocity, progressed color suit and stronger weld steel fluidity during welding of austenitic grades of chrome steel (300 series). Hydrogen is used as an addition to argon combinations to decorate plasma welding, gouging and cutting operations. gas bottles suppliers

storage hydrogen gas cylinder
storage hydrogen gas cylinder
150 lb hydrogen gas cylinder
150 lb hydrogen gas cylinder

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How do you get h2 gas?

one of the easiest approaches to obtain hydrogen is to get it from water, H2O. This technique employs electrolysis, which breaks water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Unbend the paperclips and connect one to every terminal of the battery.

How do you liquify hydrogen gas?

Hydrogen is determined clearly within the molecular H2 shape. To exist as a liquid, H2 should be cooled below hydrogen’s essential point of 33 okay. however, for hydrogen to be in a totally liquid kingdom without boiling at atmospheric stress, it wishes to be cooled to 20.28 k (−423.17 °F; −252.87 °C).

hydrogen gas cylinder product
hydrogen gas cylinder product
50kg hydrogen gas cylinder
50kg hydrogen gas cylinder

why large-scale chemical production Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is used for the desulphurization of fuels, which prevents the formation of sulfur dioxide because the gasoline is burned.The secure and reliable supply of hydrogen is important for many industries. acetylene gas cylinder

We deliver hydrogen in quite a number volumes and purities to fulfill your particular wishes.we are able to examine the high-quality way of hydrogen supply and couple it with synthesis fuel, cogeneration and steam supply as appropriate.utilized in a gasoline cell, hydrogen combines with oxygen from the air to supply electricity, producing h2 as its best.

hydrogen sulfide gas cylinder

Cylinders need to be dealt with handiest through skilled employees.Cylinders that aren’t essential for current laboratory requirements ought to be stored at a safe vicinity out of doors the lab.

Cylinders have to be secured from tipping over by using holders or restraints designed for such provider. Double cylinder restraints (high and occasional) must be established in a seismically lively location.Cylinders inside the laboratory must be equipped with a pressure regulator designed for hydrogen and marked for its most cylinder stress.

Regulators need to be geared up with gauges, installed to reveal each the cylinder strain and the outlet stress.in which the supply cylinder is out of doors the lab, a station regulator and gauge must be established at or close to the factor of use to show outlet pressure. nitrogen gas cylinder 

Hydrogen deliver strains should have a manual shutoff valve to permit isolation of gadget. A brief join must never be utilized in vicinity of a shutoff valve.Cylinders have to be connected to an tool to be used by a regulator.

extra glide valves or drift restrictors must be used to govern maximum hydrogen float, particularly when the use of ganged cylinders.A compressed fuel cylinder have to be taken into consideration to be “in use” if it’s far in compliance with one of the following:

  • related via a regulator to supply hydrogen gasoline to a laboratory operation.
  • linked to a manifold being used to supply hydrogen gas to a laboratory operation.
  • A single cylinder secured along the number one cylinder because the reserve cylinder.
  • Cylinders no longer “in use” ought to not be saved within the lab.
industrial hydrogen gas cylinder
industrial hydrogen gas cylinder

china hydrogen gas cylinder
china hydrogen gas cylinder

How to hydrogen gas cylinder storage?

  1. Hydrogen cylinders located outdoors should not be installed within 10 feet of windows, doors, or other building openings, or within 50 feet of ventilation intakes.
  2. Storage areas should have a minimum of 25% of the perimeter open to the atmosphere. This open space can incorporate chain-link fence, lattice construction, open block, or similar materials for its full height and width.
  3. Storage areas should be kept clear of dry vegetation and combustible materials for at least 15 feet.
  4. Cylinders stored outside should not be placed on the ground or on surfaces where water can accumulate.
  5. Storage areas should be provided with physical protection from vehicle damage.
  6. Storage areas can be covered with canopies of non-combustible construction.
  7. Check for compliance with local fire and building codes and storm water regulations for property line setback, threshold storage amounts, and berm requirements.
  8. Revise hazardous materials storage documents filed with local response authorities for any significant change in hydrogen or other hazardous materials storage.
  9. Post “NO SMOKING WITHIN 25 FEET” signs in cylinder china storage areas.

Hydrogen Applications by Industry

  1. Agriculture
    1. Farming Equipment
  2. Chemical Processing
    1. Fine/Specialty Chemicals
      • Applications
    2. Petrochemicals
      • Applications
  3. Construction
    1. Metals Processing
  4. Electronics, Packaging, Assembly and Test
    1. Passive Components
    2. Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Test
    3. Semiconductor/IC Test, Assembly & Packaging

hydrogen gas cylinder sizes

Air Liquide gives a spread of packaging options for both specialty gases and industrial gases. We offer numerous sizes of excessive-strain compressed fuel cylinders with various quantity capacities for any utility. Cylinder packs are also available for programs requiring more than one cylinders of compressed gas. similarly, Air Liquide gives liquid fuel combinations in high-pressure piston cylinders.

For large portions of hydrogen and helium, excessive-strain tube trailers are available. at the same time as maximum of our fuel cylinders remain the assets of Air Liquide, we also fill client-owned cylinders supplied they meet all appropriate safety requirements. Our cylinders are to be had in:

CapacityGas Capacity Wall ThicknessWeightWPTP
V(L)(M3)S(MM)Approx WMPaMPa
 7 1.1       4 12  15     25
 8 1.2 13
 9 1.4 14
 10 1.5 15
 12 1.8 17
507.5        656  1525

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