price co2 cylinder

co2 cylinder

co2 cylinder supplier, mainly located in Asia. The largest suppliers are China, India and Hong Kong, which supply 94%, 1% and 1% of the price of carbon dioxide cylinders, respectively.
Carbon dioxide cylinder price products are most popular in Brazil, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and Western Europe.
You can ensure product safety by selecting certification suppliers, including ISO14001 certification.

price: $50 – $600

How much co2 cylinder price?

Our co2 cylinders range in price from $50 to $600.

Co2 gas cylinder price list

Water capacityprice

How much is a pound of co2?

visual Of The actual extent of one Pound of CO2. At standard strain and 15 °C (59 °F) the density of carbon dioxide fuelis 1.87 kg/m3 or 0.1167 lb/ft3. One pound (454 grams) of carbon dioxide CO2 gas occupies 0.2426 m3, or 8.566 ft3, or 64 US gallons, or 243 liters – your desire of units!

mini co2 cylinder price
mini co2 cylinder price

compressed co2 cylinder
compressed co2 cylinder

What is the pressure in a co2 cylinder?

57 bar

The pres- sure in the cylinder is about 57 bar at 20°C. when CO2 is withdrawn from the cylinder via a regulator set at an outlet stress of less than 5.2 bar, gase- ous CO2 is produced: 1 kg of liquid expands to approximately 550 litres of fuel at atmospheric pressure.hydrogen gas cylinder price

What is co2 cylinder?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – a nonflammable, colorless, odorless gas. determined in air at concentrations of about 0.03%, carbon dioxide may exist simultaneously as a stable, liquid and gas. Carbon dioxide is used as a protective gas in the arc welding manner.

it’s the source of the bubbles in gentle liquids and different carbonated drinks. And it is used to fill sure varieties of hearth extinguishers that depend on its inert residences, density, and low temperature while released from excessive pressure garage. similarly to its inert homes, carbon dioxide, as dry ice, is used to freeze a selection of foods.

50L co2 cylinder
50L co2 cylinder

Carbon dioxide cylinder manufacturing
Carbon dioxide cylinder manufacturing

 CO2 cylinder sizes

Water capacity 5L-50L
Height 900mm
Outside diameter 159mm
Wall thickness 4.4mm
Working pressure 150bar
Test pressure 250bar
Weight 18.9kg
Color Green,Balck,White,Blue, Yellow,or ccording to customers’requirement

  • 2.5 lb
  • 5 lb
  • 7 lb
  • 10 lb
  • 15 lb
  • 20 lb
  • 35 lb
  • 50 lb

45 kg co2 cylinder price

45 kg co2 cylinder price $300 – $480

45 kg co2 cylinder price malaysia

45 kg co2 cylinder price $300 – $480

30 kg co2 cylinder price

30 kg co2 cylinder price $200 – $390

co2 cylinder sri lanka price

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