acetylene gas cylinder

acetylene gas cylinder

acetylene gas cylinder mainly located in Asia. The largest suppliers are China, India and Hong Kong, which supply 94%, 1% and 1% of the price of carbon dioxide cylinders, respectively.
acetylene gas cylinder price products are most popular in Brazil, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and Western Europe.
You can ensure product safety by selecting certification suppliers, including ISO14001 certification.

price: $80 – $500

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How is acetylene gas stored in a cylinder?

Acetylene fuel is mixed in liquid acetone for safe storage and utilization. Acetone in acetylene cylinders allows stabilize the gasoline making it non-reactive within the cylinder. in this method, acetylene is dissolved in liquid acetone below high pressure. The cylinder is then filled with porous material like firebrick.

Why acetylene is used as a welding gas?

Welding. first of all: Propane can’t be used for fuel Welding. when acetylene burns in oxygen, it creates a reducing zone that cleans the steel surface.

What is Acetylene?

Acetylene (C2H2) is a drab, exceedingly flammable fuel with a garlic-like scent.

purchase high-pressure Acetylene
We provide compressed acetylene in diverse grades particular to distinct packages which includes:
• A fuel gasoline (blended with oxygen) for welding, cutting, brazing and soldering
• An important fuel for Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry in laboratories

Industrial Applications

  • Fleet-Based Commercial Services; Retail (Automotive)
    Acetylene is a crucial component in low-pressure carburizing, which creates strong, wear-resistant surface layers on steel parts.
  • Manufacturing & Metal Fabrication
    Acetylene offers the hottest flame temperature of commercially available fuel gases—making it the ideal gas for oxy-fuel welding, cutting and brazing applications.
  • Laboratories
    Air/acetylene and nitrous-oxide/acetylene are the gas mixtures used as a fuel source in Flame Atomic Absorption (FLAA).

How much acetylene gas cylinder price?

Between about $80 and $500


ItermUnit      Types
Nominal water capacityLitres40L60L25L
Nominal diameter MM250310235
Wall ThicknessMM444
Height  (mm)MM 10401100 800
Cylinder Weight (without acetone)KG395127
Acetylene Max Filling Weight KG 6.510.8 4.5
Limited filling pressure(15℃) MPa1.56  
Hydraulic test pressureMPa5.2
Sealing test pressure  MPa3   
Porous massCompressive strength N/nm2≥1.8 N/nm2  
 properyPorosity %90-92%    
The axial space MM≤2.5 

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