looking for sourcing agent in china

When looking for purchasing agents in China and importing products from China, purchasing companies can become valuable partners. Or they may be a useless middleman, offering only delays and higher unit prices.

sourcing agent in china companies
sourcing agent in china companies

Quality control services in china

Regardless of the order quantity, quality control is an essential part of the process when importing products from China. Therefore, it is very important to find suitable quality control partners.

We compare them according to capabilities, pricing and customer concerns to help you choose the right partners to meet your quality assurance needs in China.

china quality check

  1. Other core services include laboratory testing, certification and vendor evaluation.
  2. Other services include pre-shipment inspection, production inspection, production monitoring, container loading supervision, factory audit and social responsibility audit.
  3. The products and industries they provide services are hard goods, electronic and electrical products, industrial products, soft goods, mineral products, baked goods, cosmetics, fabrics, clothing, etc.

how to find a sourcing agent in china

  1. Find a Chinese manufacturer that can produce your product, or tell you it’s impossible.
  2. Find a Chinese manufacturer that can make your products meet the quality standards you need, or tell you it’s impossible.
  3. Find a Chinese manufacturer who can produce your product at the price you need, or tell you it’s impossible.
  4. It won’t cause you to lose it at any stage of the process. This means that your purchasing agent should not disclose your intellectual property or transfer you to a legal adviser to protect your intellectual property.
  5. After choosing, continue to work with Chinese manufacturers to ensure high quality, and even to ensure that your products continue to evolve to meet changing technology or needs.

Which freight forwarding companies in china?

  • Price, of course
    This is given, but in fact you will find that the price changes between the largest freight forwarders will not be very large, because the pricing of your volume is relatively transparent. Here, I will avoid small freight forwarders who offer absurd prices for truck transportation or shipping forwarder in China.
    Response and service levels are critical. When you only care about prices, it doesn’t seem like that – but saying “you get what you pay” does apply in some ways. Make sure that the companies you work with can do what they think they can.
    Obviously, if you do find recommendations from people in the industry or other companies that have used their services.
    For most of your shipments, it may be smooth and simple, but you need the flexibility of the forwarder or the ability to provide other services. This is a time when third-party logistics (third-party logistics providers) may be more useful. They will have a large enough network to assist you in warehousing, freight forwarding and final delivery, while freight forwarders can only assist you in freight charges.
    Technology is critical, which means that the freight forwarder or 3PL you are using is forward-looking thinking. It also means that they are reducing transaction costs and trying to automate part of the transport. This in turn means cost savings and can be delivered to you as a customer. It also provides you with timely updates and clear and accurate systems and processes.
    But it hardly exists in logistics, so if you find one that does, stick to it!
    Their ability to execute. Of course, you only know after they implement it. But in general, you can measure their execution ability from their size, experience and other customers.
  • Knowledge of Customs, Taxation and Regulations
    Especially if you are making international goods and goods. Customs is very unpredictable. It may not be in your freight forwarder’s hands, but their knowledge in these areas is something you have to rely on. So if they show that, it’s an advantage.
  •  Ability to help you grow
    You absolutely want to develop your business. The last thing you want is to look after the shipper. So if you can see that they can provide all the services you need today and tomorrow, that’s an important consideration. Because your business will not stay as it is now.

sourcing strategies in international purchasing

  • Cost-Global Purchasing Strategies are often used to benefit from lower labor costs abroad. However, the purchasing organization has other additional costs, which are not part of the domestic transaction. They include multimodal freight, broker’s fee, bank fee, tax and insurance.
  • Law – Buyers and suppliers of global procurement departments choose one of three legal systems to apply to their contracts: the law of the buyer’s country, the law of the supplier’s country, or the law applicable to treaties accepted by both countries.
  • Currency – Buyers and sellers must agree on the currency to be used. Although some buyers insist on using their own currency for the sake of simplicity, when the buyer’s currency may be strengthened relative to the supplier’s currency between the agreement and the payment date, prudent decisions will consider using the supplier’s currency.
  • Delivery time – Delivery time for global purchases is usually longer than that for domestic purchases. This is because sea travel is slower than air travel, customs clearance time increases, and domestic procurement is not involved.
  • Language and Culture – If you are not familiar with the supplier’s language and culture, there will be increased communication challenges, misunderstandings and the risk of unpleasant encounters or discomforts.
  • Transport – Although domestic procurement usually involves a mode of transport, global procurement involves multimodal transport – a strategy that combines air, water and ground transportation to transport goods from suppliers to ports in your country.
  • Payment Method – Global purchasing usually involves the use of letters of credit for payment, which requires the participation of buyers and supplier banks.

How can I find trusted buying agent in China?

  • Service charge
  • Payment method
  • Type of shipping
  • customer service
  • Identify qualified Chinese suppliers
  • Research and Development of New Products
  • Negotiating terms
  • Order follow up
  • Arrange transportation at competitive prices
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Consolidated transportation (combined with supplier transportation to save freight)
    You can also judge reliable agents based on customer reviews, and then list your doubts in detail for your query.

Worried about product quality or some buyers from China to buy, but they encountered many problems, such as communication, quality, delivery delays and so on. Successful Chinese procurement requires strategic planning, systematic management and close contact with Chinese manufacturers.

We can overcome language and business barriers to make Chinese purchasing easier. After years of procurement agency business in China, we have established an expanded procurement service network, including reliable manufacturers, operators, freight forwarders and customs brokers.

We have established good relationships with suppliers from different industries, such as injection moulding, furniture, jewelry, consumer electronics, industrial ceramics and stationery factories.

We can act as your Chinese purchasing agent, Chinese purchasing agent and Chinese purchasing agent to provide comprehensive Chinese purchasing service to all customers interested in Chinese purchasing, Chinese purchasing and Made-in-China, and devote ourselves to finding the best purchasing solution for you.

What does a sourcing agent do?

  • cost reduction
    We help you to purchase the best source from China and provide helicopter services (directly from high-quality factories) to provide you with the best products at the most favorable prices. To develop your business here, you need more labor. Working and traveling abroad is considered time-consuming. We all know that, especially for you, time is money for a successful businessman.
  • Improve your efficiency
    We focus on the sale of various commodities, especially interior decoration and furniture, building materials, lighting, Garement, fabrics and so on. We have established a long-term business relationship with reliable suppliers, professional inspection at the same time, we have a wealth of experienced distributors. With our rich experience, we can provide you with the best service and high quality service in your country.
  • Reduce your troubles and tensions.
    Handling Chinese is never easy. You may need some guidance to complete your work. With our help, your work will be easier.
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