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If you want to purchase products from China, own brands or make customized products, the purchasing company or purchasing agent may be an important part of your business. The global procurement industry is developing at an alarming rate, and the First World Organization is choosing products, components and commodities from low-cost countries at low prices.
Some organizations have established procurement offices in many Asian countries, especially in China, while others are seeking the services of Chinese procurement companies to put in place low-cost procurement strategies. These procurement organizations assist in providing access to the highest quality local resources. Buying from China can help organizations improve their international competitiveness and, most , emphasize their main business. China is known as the “world factory”, which is an attractive choice for any enterprise looking for low-cost finished and semi-finished products and raw materials to improve profits.

Why China Purchases Products?

For most international enterprises, outsourcing manufacturing process has become an important aspect. To play a role in the competitive international market, the importance of procurement strategy has increased, which involves local procurement and low-cost national procurement. By transferring production functions to manufacturers in China, with the help of purchasing agents in China, many organizations have succeeded in reducing manufacturing costs. Even when the economy slows down, it helps them withstand competition and maintain and safeguard their interests.
Purchasing savings have a significant impact on the net outcomes of the organization. Besides, by providing customers with competitive prices, organizations can create important markets for their products through reinvestment of savings, thereby increasing returns. it’s my duty to help my clients grow bigger and more . That’s why I decided to set up this procurement agency almost ten years ago. Today, we are proud to be a member of a well-known purchasing agent in China. We are good at helping companies simplify procurement processes, identify and cut irregularities or interruptions. Our customers continue to use us as their purchasing agents in China.
china sourcing

What are the advantages of procurement agency in China?

  • Key to Reducing Purchasing Cost
  • Chinese people pay attention to efficiency and speed in doing things
  1. We represent them in identifying and filtering Chinese suppliers quickly and accurately.
  2. We have no language or business practice barriers. We don’t take price for granted.
  3. We will regularly launch KPIs to ensure that they get the best cost performance.
  4. In many cases, signing contracts with us can save them money.
  5. Contact us and we will show you that we are a competitive purchasing agent.
  6. Our network and industry knowledge enable us to share accurate data about your industry.
  7. Transparency is the key to procurement agency in China.
  8. We are responsible for helping develop business. A balanced combination of East and West mentality.
  9. If you place a large order, many manufacturers will take the time to respond to inquiries from third-party service companies. Service charges may be very low compared with total orders. That’s why this option is best suited for large orders.
  10. If you can justify the upfront investment, then this is a good way to get new products. You will benefit from a professional identification and screening process, and you will get complete information about the supply chain.
  11. Some of them sell their services as “project management”, “procurement” or “supply chain management”. They often adjust the pricing structure according to each customer.

Advantages of Purchasing Companies

  1. Identify your needs (1-2 days of communication)
  2. Purchasing compliance suppliers/factories in China according to your requirements (7-10 days for off-rack items)
  3. Prepare the quotation and discovery in the summary for you (1 day)
  4. Order samples and evaluate them for you (5-10 days)
  5. Negotiating Final Conditions/Pricing (1-2 days)
  6. Issuance of contracts and agreements (1-2 days)
  7. Put the order under your name to ensure that all terms are met and everything is repaired (2-3 days)
  8. Arrange production, packaging, labeling and delivery (7-10 days)
  9. Monitor production period (30-45 days – obviously not 45 days, but when you place an order in the factory, you need to
  10. wait for a period of time to reach all materials, arrange production, etc.)
  11. Arrange inspection (1 day)
  12. Publish production and arrange delivery (1 day)
  13. Therefore, from the beginning of the project to delivery, we are considering 87-90 days (about always three months).

Why are we the best Chinese purchasing company?

  • New Idea of Effective Purchasing of Chinese Products
  • Find reliable Chinese manufacturers
  • They provide end-to-end management of manufacturing and procurement processes
  • They provide quality inspection services and complete logistics solutions
  • Therefore, these Chinese product purchasing companies help your business achieve profitable growth through flexible and customized solutions.
  • China offers business opportunities to companies around the world, has unparalleled growth potential, and is a low-cost source of high-quality products and services.
  • It is a valuable purchasing partner (as a member of WTO) and enjoys a favorable labor position, which is beneficial to manufacturers and suppliers. Therefore, it is not uncommon for purchasing companies from all over the world to start business in China.
  • If you want to hire the services of a purchasing company in China, you need to decide the business model according to the organization’s objectives.
  • You can choose a purchasing service provider, which will charge a fee (fixed fee Mixed Commission or fixed fee) to manage the procedures for purchasing products from China on your behalf.

Our service steps

  1. If you need to customize the product, please email us the product details or send us the samples (design drawings).
  2. we will first reply to you and communicate the product details with you.
  3.  help you find 3 – 4 matching excellent suppliers, and quote price for you in the next 48 hours.
  4. After confirming the price, delivery time and other information, collect and send samples to you.
  5. Place an order after confirming the sample and confirm all details before the order is produced.
  6. help you follow up production, quality inspection and transportation arrangements.
  7. Pay the service fee before delivery.
  8. The prepared documents will clear the Customs for you when the goods arrive.
  9. Prepare to take delivery

How do customers evaluate us?

  1. It provides complete product procurement services, including supplier identification and pre-qualification, auditing, quotation management, product development and testing, contract and selection of suppliers, quality control management, supplier development, payment and logistics management.
  2. It has entered the whole country of China, not just the traditional industrial zones along the Beijing-Shanghai axis.
    The agency can challenge Chinese supply bases to different suppliers by purchasing in other low-cost countries (if necessary) through a network of wholly-owned procurement offices.
  3. Has the team acquired the purchasing capability to effectively integrate your organization’s purchasing process, and to understand in depth the categories of purchases that must be purchased?
  4. Ensure that companies can offset barriers and risks associated with purchasing products from China and persuade organizations to transform suppliers from long-term bases in high-cost economies to new bases in low-cost economies.
  5. The team has the communication and project management skills needed to interact with all the major stakeholders in your company and gains their confidence.
  6. It is essential to address and manage the risks associated with Chinese procurement. Purchasing companies operating in the country have taken adequate precautions in procuring trained personnel or materials.
  7. Employing experienced staff in procurement service providers is a potential profit strategy to reduce these risks and ensure successful procurement.

What are the working methods and charging methods of purchasing companies?

  • Pre-fixed expenses
  • Pre-payment and commission ratio
  • Commission only
  • Make money at the back end
  • These are some routine methods, our standard is to develop with customers, only when customers develop, we will be better.

Why hire a purchasing company?

Only through the purchasing company can we find the corresponding products and service concept more quickly.

Think about it this way: If you want a great pizza, you won’t go to the nearby United States because they also serve pizza. You want to go to the best Italians in town (if they can afford it). If American food serves Italian food, it may not be the best American food… I think you understand my point.

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