China gas cylinder

China Gas cylinder suppliers, mainly located in Asia. The country with the largest supply is China (mainland), which supplies 100% of the gas cylinders respectively. You can choose a variety of cylinders, 5kg, 6kg, 12.5kg. such as stainless steel, steel and metal.
gas cylinder china products are most popular in the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. Read this article and buy cylinders!

12.5kg China gas cylinder
12.5kg China gas cylinder
co2 helium gas cylinder
co2 helium gas cylinder

China Gas Cylinder manufacturers suppliers

Welcome to buy low-cost liquefied petroleum Hydraulic cylinder.High quality gas equipment industry, empty lpg cylinder supplier from China, As one of the leading liquefied petroleum gas bottle manufacturers in China, our factory also provides customized services.

This enables us to supply all kinds of portable lpg cylinders, such as seamless cylinders, aluminium alloy cylinders, acetylene cylinders, CNG cylinders (Types 1 and 2 and 3). All seamless steel cylinders we supply can be produced according to GB5099, ISO9809 and En1964 standards. high strength Aluminum cylinders are manufactured according to GB11640 standard and acetylene gas. Cylinders are manufactured according to GB11638 standard. Our cylinders are widely used in chemical industry, medicine, pesticide, metallurgy, paper making, rubber, plastics, textile, printing and dyeing, food, water purification, light industry, electricity and many other industries.

Our products have been exported to many countries such as Asia, Africa, 50kg lpg cylinder refrigerant cylinder , Europe and South America. With excellent quality and professional service, our company has won a good reputation in the professional field. In addition, we also attach great importance to optimizing production and operation. We have the ability to find the best in china, most innovative solutions and translate them into china market success – creating customer interests and improving company High Pressure Gas Cylinder Gas Cylinder Valve Gas Tank Cylinder.

Gas cylinder wholesale Price in china

Gas cylinder factory Price range is $15-$140

Key Specifications/Features:

  1. ​Material: 37Mn
  2. Working pressure: 15MPs
  3. Hydraulic test pressure: 25MPa
  4. Wall thickness: 5.7mm
  5. Outer diameter: 219mm
  6. Length: 1310mm
  7. Weight: 47.5kg
  8. Volume: 40L
  9. Standard: ISO 9809-3
  10. Volume available: 20, 28, 34, 38, 40, 50L

About gas cylinder sourcing Guide

If you are interested in Chinese gas cylinders, you will be amazed at the various product options, such as oxygen cylinders, medical oxygen cylinders, and gas cylinders. In addition, the competition and cheap price of their cylinder plant will give you an edge in your own market. As we all know, product quality and china oxygen cylinder, safety are the top priority for this equipment industry and buyers, where you will have a greater chance to find reliable manufacturers and factories that provide high levels of performance, efficiency and reliability in their products. time. We are confident that they can supply all the sales, service and solution equipment for your various industrial applications.

Steel LPG Tank Gas Cylinder

Steel LPG Gas Tank Cylinder 5kg

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Import Steel LPG Gas Cylinder Production

To investigate the recent development of shanghai china steel gas, and related issues. The Greater Region of Natural Gas World has exchanged with all parties involved in the business. Including Inhong Gas, industrial Corporation (BRIC) and Deng. An independent and experienced enterprise. People in this area. As early as the 1990s, when commercial industrial cooking lpg gas business was still in its infancy in the gas cylinder.

 Like other early natural gas markets. Were the main means of delivering gases to customers and use points. Most cylinders owned by customers due to market history, and operation practice. But, customers are most concerned about the gas supply in the application, and the “quantity” of cylinders they own — and are less cautious about the detailed management of cylinders. But, cylinder filling stations do not manage cylinders that do not belong to their own property.

resulting in free high pressure gas cylinder circulation. This gas cylinder means that all customers throughout the country “share” all cylinders. The cylinders used by one company today may be used by another company after refilling, or even travel across the country in a few months. New cylinders invested by one company will soon appear in other companies. This becomes one of the fundamental causes of complex ownership problems and frequent cylinder accidents.The author participated in many cylinder filling operations and described many visited sites as “below acceptable standards” or even horrible.

2kg 5kg small lpg
2kg 5kg small lpg

Gas cylinder supply

The nature of industrial gases determines the way of supplying gas to customers. Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and helium can be easily compressed into cylinders (up to 200 bars).

gas cylinders are usually made of high-pressure high-strength steel or aluminum, but now there are also cylinders made of composite materials. Many gases are liquid at room temperature and are stored in low pressure thin-walled cylinders made of steel or composite materials. Because of the special nature of acetylene, it is necessary to use cylinders containing porous materials for storage, while acetylene is dissolved in carrier solvents.

There are many specifications for cylinders,15kg LPG gas cylinder prices. which are usually defined by the volume of water in the cylinder body. The best gas cylinder applicable specifications depend on a variety of factors, including dosage and flow rate. For the selection of cylinder specifications, please contact the local professional supplier of gas.

Each gas cylinder is equipped with a special cylinder valve to meet the requirements of gas and pressure. The outlet threads of cylinder valves are determined according to international standards to ensure that only cylinder relief valves that meet the requirements are suitable.
For Big Capacity gas applications, Linde also provides a variety of containers, i.e. connected cylinder packages loaded with pallets.

quality hydrogen empty gas cylinder good quality
quality hydrogen empty gas cylinder

Oxygen gas cylinder china Seamless Steel
Oxygen gas cylinder china Seamless Steel

Commonly used Chinese standard cylinders (GB5099)

40L volume, outer diameter x height = 235mm x 1400mm, empty bottle weight 50kg, working pressure 15MPa.
10L volume, outer diameter x height = 165mm x 800mm, empty bottle weight 16kg, working pressure 15MPa.
8L volume, outer diameter x height = 165mm x 700mm, empty bottle weight 14kg, working pressure 15MPa.
4L volume, outer diameter x height = 140 mm x 500 mm, empty bottle weight 8 kg, working pressure 15 MPa.
2L volume, external diameter x height = 108 mm x 400 mm, empty bottle weight 4 kg, working pressure 15 MPa.

Our service

Safety first

Your safety is our top priority. The dimensions, materials and valve models of compressed gas cylinders are determined according to china gas national standard GB and international ISO standards.
We are cautious about security issues.

Customer convenience

We strive to ensure the convenience and efficiency of liquefied air bottled gas products to fully meet customer needs.

Quality assurance

The company provides a variety of quality assurance services to ensure the company’s external and internal quality assurance. These programs form part of the TQM or ISO 9000 certification activities to help customers evaluate the overall operation and performance of the system. The above approach provides an independent way to china gas assess the performance of suppliers and internal quality control processes. We can help you develop a solution that will improve and validate the value of your analysis.

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